Sick and tired of the usual past time? How about a little comical humor for a change? Don’t worry you don’t have to spend a lot for a little laugh, so put your money to your savings accounts and simply download the milky model below. It’ll surely be a lot of fun.

Make your own milky, show your friends, and make your own videos. Just click on the image below to download a zip file or click here to download a jpg of the layout. Once you have done that, simply print the image out onto A4 paper and follow the instructions.

Download milk carton template of Milky

many thanks to Gareth Stranks who designed this fantastic model of milk.

And now you can join the two together, with a miss milky cut-out.

Download miss milky milk carton template

Take a photo of your milky and miss milky and post it on the
forum for a chance to be included on this website.